Summer officially starts next week — a time when kids are getting out of school, afternoons are getting warmer, the nights are getting longer, vacations are being planned and motivation for actual work may be at an all time low.  

Living in the Pacific Northwest, most of us put off all of our household chores and vacation plans until the summer when it finally quits raining.

We jam all of our plans into June, July and August, taking most of our vacation time during these months and casually “calling in sick” when we want to soak up the sun.

We all want to work for organizations that we love and enjoy. You see this trend more and more, specifically with the millennial and Gen X generations. They have a reputation for leaving jobs quickly and moving onto the next thing. It’s not necessarily that they don’t like their leaders, but they want to feel the passion and culture of the organization and they also want to feel excitement from those who lead them. With this is mind, what can you do this summer with in your organization to ensure that everyone is having a good time, while still getting work done?

At first you may think that everyone wants to work from home in order to have more time freedom. This should fix it right?

Not exactly… People want freedom, but they also want to be excited about the work they are doing! At PointNorth we are lucky enough to work both in the office and remotely. We have found that employees enjoy the freedom and still get their work done on time, but we understand that not every office has this opportunity, especially when you have a larger team.

Our challenge for all of you, is to jump into the next few months of summer. You know the saying “work hard, play hard?” We believe you can still have fun at work while taking some time to relax and accomplish your goals.

Here are 8 ways you can ensure your employees have fun this summer:

1. Establish goals: if you haven’t already done this, talk to your team and prepare them for the projects that need to be completed in the next three months. Make sure they know what goals need to be achieved and make sure everyone is on the same page.

2. Check in: go out to lunch with your team members, and better yet, sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. Ask them how they are doing and encourage them to take their vacation time. This is a great way to make sure they know you value their time, while also discussing their plans and time off.

3. Reward: have a competition and give out rewards or gifts in return! Reward those at the end of the summer who meet certain goals. Allow your employees to push themselves and their other coworkers to do better.

4. BBQ: who doesn’t love a good barbeque? Get all of you employees together in the next couple of weeks to kick of the summer and new goals you established. Heck, maybe bring the barbecue to work and grill on Friday before the weekend begins.

5. Team Building: at PointNorth we love team building activities and think they are vital in understanding one another. Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and spend some quality time together.

6. Themes: have themed days in the office. Bring in food or treats that represent the theme you are celebrating and let employees dress for the occasion. Hawaiian shirts anyone? Office spaces can get boring, try decorating the office to match the theme!

7. Make a splash: know anyone who has a pool? Maybe throw a pool party, that way team members can also invite their families to join!

8. Focus on health: make sure everyone is recharging and hydrating in the heat. Surprise your team members and take a group fitness class, has anyone ever done goat yoga? Maybe do yoga outside of the office in a shaded space.

If you want to implement some of these ideas into the next few months, share our blog with your leaders, coworkers and friends and if you need any help with team building activities or retreats, we would love to help you!