Our Values

In service to our community, we listen, we learn, and we lead.

 Our values define who we are and what we believe.

Purpose-driven organizations are the ones that know what they stand for and have a strategy for how to communicate it.

Sounds simple enough … but having that clarity around our values makes doing business easy, even when things get tough, because we have that clear ethical compass guiding our decisions, pointing us to live our north, no matter what.

In fact, we believe so strongly in values-led organizations that we count the time and energy we spent defining our values and giving voice to them as one of the most important investments we’ve ever made, in both our business, and in ourselves. They allow us to not only know our “true north”, but to live it in every single action and interaction we take.

At PointNorth, the values that help us live our north are: 

  • Do the right thing. No matter what. We trust you. We will earn your trust. We live our values by giving them voice. 
  • People First. The people we work for, the people we work with and the people we love are a priority. 
  • Our Life’s Work. Our work together is a calling, fueling our dreams and driving our life.  
  • Humility Always. Competition is for individuals. Collaboration is for teams. We celebrate as a team, we share victories.
  • Everyone Is Welcome. Every voice, every story, every person is worth hearing. 
  • Think Big. Creativity ignites innovation. Curiosity leads to ideas that change the world. 


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From Our President

Hello. Welcome. Aloha.

PointNorth is more than a consulting firm. We are a collaborative team of passionate communicators committed to our community. Our values point us ethically north and drive our purpose.

We are strategists, storytellers, facilitators, and community builders. We are diverse in our thinking and inclusive in our approach. Our team cares deeply about helping people, projects, and organizations thrive. Relationships matter to us.

It is with a heart of growth, open to the Aloha spirit of love, I lead PointNorth as we serve our community and our clients. 

Talk to us. We will listen. 

Lisa Keohokalole Schauer

President, PointNorth Consulting

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