Interstate Bridge Replacement - WSDOT/ODOT

Interstate Bridge Replacement - WSDOT/ODOT

The Interstate Bridge Replacement program is a large-scale, regional transportation project charged with modernizing how communities cross the Columbia River. The program has a complex history, a wide reach, and a vast range of stakeholders representing diverse needs, values, and priorities.

In partnership with WSP, PointNorth leads strategic communications and public affairs for the program. We’ve developed engaging creative materials, managed the program’s media campaigns, and led the community engagement and equity efforts around the project. We prioritize innovative, equitable, and accessible strategies that center the voices of individuals impacted by program decisions.


Planning, promoting and facilitating advisory group meetings, listening sessions, and focus groups

Conducting outreach to stakeholders through phone and email communication, presentations, canvassing, digital and print advertising, online open houses, and direct mail

Concepting and producing audience-specific video and written content

Storytelling through the development of content and materials

Our work has helped to humanize a large, complicated public project. Our efforts have pushed this project to authentically engage with the community members who will interact with its outcome. In 2021, the Interstate Bridge Replacement program was recognized for this work. The program received an award from the Committee on Transportation Communications (TransComm) for its public involvement approach with a consultant.


Community Engagement

Strategic Communications

Multimedia + Creative

Public Affairs


2021 TransComm award for public involvement approach

Nearly 30,000 people engaged

18,000+ survey responses

Ongoing multimedia

Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson

PointNorth has been and continues to be a tremendously valuable team member of the Interstate Bridge Replacement effort. Their innovative and creative strategies for communications, public engagement, and public relations have raised the bar for transportation mega projects across the country.

- Greg Johnson

Program Administrator