Mara Enciu Garrett

Mara Enciu Garrett

Project Coordinator


As a project coordinator, Mara combines her experience in administration and direct services, along with her global background, to offer strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills. Originally from Romania and having lived and/or served in Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Mexico, Mara's heart is for women's empowerment and survivor rights. As a trilingual and bicultural advocate with a background in training adults, she works to support survivors of abuse and interrupt systemic oppression. 

Mara believes change begins with educating ourselves, engaging with difficult issues, and discussion in order to learn, empathize, and support others, especially underserved communities near home and in other areas of the world.

Outside of work, Mara enjoys singing and dancing with her little ones and exploring nature with her family. Fashion and make-up are her forms of visual art, but music and poetry will always be her first loves.

"A-ți lua inima în dinți (To take your heart in your teeth, meaning to be brave)"

Romanian Proverb

Education + Recognition

  • Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology, Educational Ministries, minor in Psychology | Multnomah University