It’s time to uncover how much you truly know about your values. 

The Values Sort is both hard and amazing in the way things that make you really walk your talk are. 

I went into it thinking that I had a pretty good handle on what my business values were and how they stacked up. Two minutes in when I found myself debating over exactly how much I valued one issue over another, I knew I had some work to do.

Doing the Values Sort was incredibly clarifying, and has helped me run the values-based business I love in a way that’s closely aligned with my true north.”

Rachel Allen

Bolt from the Blue Copywriting

Welcome to the PointNorth Consulting Values Sort!

Defining our values and giving them voice is one of the most important investments we can make in ourselves to ensure we are living our values at work, at home and in our relationships. At PointNorth, we believe we each have an ethical compass helping us to choose what is right and wrong. We believe when you point north you can live your north following an ethical path to do the right thing, no matter what. Sometimes it’s just not that easy. Using the Values Sort activity we want you to strengthen what you believe by having you make choices about what is the most important, more important, neutral, less important and least important values to you. There are no right or wrong answers only what is right for you. Once you have identified your values we want you to give voice to them.


Sort the following 30 Value Cards in terms of their relative importance to you. Place each in one of the five columns. Feel to make changes by just dragging the tile between the columns. The order of the Values within each column does not matter, only the columns ranked from Least Important to Most Important. If you are accessing the values sort from a mobile device the values will be a drop down menu using the red triangle and won’t show up with the option to drag and drop the values tiles.

You are allowed the following number of cards in each column:

  1. Most Important – 4
  2. More Important – 6
  3. Neutral – 10
  4. Less Important – 6
  5. Least Important – 4

We recognize this activity is challenging and you may want to place more cards in specific columns. Part of this exercise is forcing you to make choices in prioritizing your values. Each value has a definition on the tile or card.

You will receive a print out of your values emailed to you after you have completed the assessment.

This Values Sort activity was adapted from The Good Project.