Live your North

What Do You Stand For?

Log into our values sort exercise to explore your values and ensure you are living your true North.

Living Your North means something different for everyone, but in the end, it’s about centering yourself on what your true north is and ensuring you are aligned with your values. Hear from our team on how they live their north:

How it works

  1. Register with your name and email

  2. A card deck of 30 values will appear

  3. Sort each value in one of five priority columns

  4. Reflect on where your most important values lie

“The Values Sort is both hard and amazing in the way things that make you really walk your talk are. I went into it thinking that I had a pretty good handle on what my business values were and how they stacked up. Two minutes in when I found myself debating over exactly how much I valued one issue over another, I knew I had some work to do. Doing the Values Sort was incredibly clarifying, and has helped me run the values-based business I love in a way that’s closely aligned with my true north.”

-- Rachel Allen

Bolt From the Blue