Our Core Services:


We are communicators at our core. We know effective communication begins with a strategy and a commitment to listening. We can help you tell your story to be heard within your team, your partnership and beyond. We love to facilitate meaningful conversations while engaging stakeholders. Let us help you share your story. 

leadership development

Being a leader isn’t always easy, neither is knowing when you are doing the right thing. We can provide the tools to meet your challenges in this rapidly evolving work climate. Invest in your professional development by working side-by-side with our team.  

team building

Building trust among work groups to maximize collaboration is a key element in building successful teams. As organizations change so does the makeup of today’s work groups, making it even more important that team dynamics are thoughtfully constructed and allowed to evolve dynamically.


Leadership begins with listening and learning. We know cultivating a culture of continual learning is an investment in your company’s human capital. We can help facilitate training programs that are designed for your organization and your people. We hate a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s just not how we roll.    

what we do best:

  • Stakeholder Outreach
  • Facilitating Partnering Agreements
  • Building Teams
  • Developing Leaders

We know that companies with a higher purpose who have invested in their leaders are more profitable than those that put profit above people, thinking only about the bottom line.


Using the Whole Brain® strategy as a tool, we assist in developing strategic and empathetic leaders as well as value driven teams. 

who we are:

Lisa Keohokalole Schauer

Lisa Keohokalole Schauer


Lori Oberheide

Lori Oberheide

Director of Communication, Education Services

Lori's bio
Lori Oberheide retired in 2019 after 36 years of professional experience in education-related public relations, marketing, strategic communication, team leadership and associated support services. During her career, Lori led a staff of “super heroes” including communications managers, graphic designers, video producers, content creators and web development professionals. She and her team supported superintendents, boards and district staff in their communication priorities and challenges, community engagement activities and creative services.

During her career, Lori has successfully developed, coordinated, and implemented a variety of community outreach and strategic communications initiatives. She has worked closely with education and community and organizations, school leaders in both urban and rural school districts, and thought partners at the local, state and national levels. In addition, she provides leadership and expertise in crisis communications, school funding campaigns and business partnership development.

She maintains broad knowledge of the issues, opportunities and challenges faced by public education agencies, using sensitivity, enthusiasm, and innovation to communicate the most difficult and complex issues to a variety of audiences. She is deeply committed to improving perceptions of public education using a variety of traditional and emerging communication channels.

Among other honors, Lori is the recipient of the Learning and Leadership Award, the highest honor awarded by the Washington School Public Relations Association; the AESD President’s Award, honoring innovative project development; and is a National School Public Relations Association Golden Medallion honoree.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Utah State University.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Al Schauer

Al Schauer


Audri Bomar

Audri Bomar

Community Engagement Manager

AUDRI's bio
Audri loves people. She is a natural connector bringing people together with a focus on building community. Audri brings her love for the community she was raised in, matched with a deep passion for understanding people and the communities they live in, to every project. Armed with a degree in Environmental Biology, Audri’s communication capabilities are built on her technical knowledge and understanding of the environmental impact the projects she works on may have. She has a unique ability to translate technical and complex projects to non-technical stakeholders!

Audri has over 10 years of community relations and public involvement experiences in Clark County, WA. She has worked for local media, non-profits and education. She works to instill the power of community in how she and her husband raise their three children in Clark County, WA.

Elvia Santos Dominguez

Elvia Santos Dominguez

Business Development Specialist

Jordan Meade

Jordan Meade

Community Engagement Manager

JORDAN's bio
Jordan is a thoughtful communicator. She sees and hears what is said and what is not. She is inquisitive and embraces the power of questions to aid her in developing a strategy to help others.

Jordan has had a hand in politics for over 15 years. She has dedicated her career to listening and understanding how to communicate to be heard. Jordan is steadfast in her commitment to leading by doing right. She prides herself on building her community through the cultivation of authentic relationships. She is a proud University of Washington graduate, wife and mom.

“You are not a true success unless you are helping others be successful.” – Jon Gordon

Brenda Rose

Brenda Rose

Graphics Designer

BRENDA's bio
Brenda is an artist, graphic designer, and occasional art director. She specializes in logo design and branding, incorporating her love of fonts and of graphically concise messaging, but is also skilled in website creation, infographic design, photo-editing, and marketing design.

Aside from designing graphics for PointNorth Consulting, Brenda juggles freelance design work for various clients, creation of her collage and drawing-based art, occasional art direction and production design for independent films, and marketing and admin work for ROCK U. Her volunteer duties include holding a board position for marketing and design with Harney Elementary PTO, and as the Regional Chair for CARE Action Network – engaging in political advocacy with the global humanitarian aid organization CARE. Most importantly, Brenda is the mother of two boys and wife of her best friend of 25 years.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

 Kasie Wurdinger

Kasie Wurdinger

Account Manager

KASIE's bio
Kasie is the ultimate multi-tasker. With 18 years of experience in the medical field she has done it all, from surgical procedure assistant to office management. She has been responsible for all the billing work at a fast-paced medical clinic for over 15 years. We are fortunate to have Kasie as part of the PointNorth team as she works to make our own billing and invoice process easy, accurate, and efficient for everyone involved.

Kasie is a generous and hardworking wife and mother of four who is always willing to lend a hand no matter what the project may be. Whether it’s creating an invoice, baking a cake, or crocheting a blanket, her great attention to detail gets the job done! She knows how to manage, delegate, and communicate to make everyone happy including her kids and any organization she works with. She can often be found in the middle of 10 things at once and still manages to stay organized and accurate with her tasks and time!

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – P.T. Barnum

our values drive our decisions.

What do you value?

AND, do your values align with those of other leaders in your organization?
Not sure? You should be.
And we can help you find out.

The latest from our blog:


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
We like to work with small to medium sized for-profit or non-profit organizations. We aren’t afraid of family owned businesses or complex corporate structures.
We don’t have a budget for consulting, how much will this cost?
We will always discuss the scope of work and associated fee early to ease anxiety. An investment in strategic communications and organizational development consulting is an investment in your organization.  
We need solutions today. How long will this take?
Much of the schedule will depend on your availability and willingness to roll up your sleeves and be part of the solution. Once we have agreed on the work to be done, we will set up an agreed upon schedule before we get started.
Not everyone in our organization is onboard with hiring a leadership consultant. Does organizational buy-in matter?
Of course it does but we can help. We have a step by step process for engaging stakeholders in evolving organizational culture with an emphasis on ethical leadership.
Doing the right thing may mean something different to each of us. Will you be lecturing us?
We promise not to lecture. Our approach is fact and research-based. We work with each individual organization and leader to determine and deploy exactly what this means for you and your business.
What if a conflict of interest arises?
Conflicts do surface occasionally. Every engagement with PointNorth is confidential. We have found the best way to resolve conflicts is to talk about them as soon as they are discovered. We will work with you to find a solution that feels right.

“Before making any recommendations, they demonstrated a strong understanding of our business. Their process allowed for my staff, board members, and families to feel appreciated and valued along the way. The inclusive nature of their approach allowed for all of the stakeholders to truly take ownership over the finished Strategic Plan. Their turn around time was fast, process was thorough, and the recommendations were perfectly aligned with where we are headed.”

Rekah Strong

Executive Director, EOCF

“Lisa was effective in her work with Clackamas ESD even before she walked in the door and continued to work on our behalf after her presentation. She is astute in assessment of teams and people and created a presentation for board and Cabinet that began a change in our culture.”

Jada Rupley

Clackamas Educational Service District

“I have taken many leadership assessments over my 25 plus years of executive experience working in higher education, and this is the first time the results of an exercise have rung true with me. In other words, the results were consistent with what my gut tells me are the stronger aspects of my leadership abilities and those that need to be complimented or further developed. I also greatly appreciated the comparative results between me and my immediate supervisor allowing us to see how we can better balance-out each other based on our respective leadership abilities. Completing the exercise was time well spent – and I’m still thinking about the findings almost every day since receiving them.”

Joel Munson

Chief Advancement Officer, Clark College Foundation

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